Merchandiser , Mars Sportswear
July 17-Present
  • Manage customer expectations by catering to their specific development requirements, and Guide sample development process to meet customer’s product acceptance criteria and enable the process of commercialization with pricing, relevant terms / conditions thereby ensure customer retention and growth
  • Effectively manage the customer development calendar to meet internal/external deadlines, requirements and work on New Development projects for business growth, whilst maintaining cordial relationship with all the internal stakeholders
  • Ensure accurate data entry for costing / product, share information with all relevant internal stakeholders and facilitate decision making with regular reporting that to sustain the business.
  • Contribute to the implementation and sustenance of Lean initiatives whilst driving Lean objectives to achieve the set KPIs
  • Closely monitor key activities in the customer calendar and plan the subsequent activities with the internal teams to fulfill the customer expectation by the required delivery dates by ensuring availability of adequate raw material stock, manage inventory, provide accurate, timely & complete data on procurement and follow up on all payments to suppliers.
  • Analyze operations to administer the bottlenecks and make improvisations to the processes. Take Part in Audit & Operation Improvements. Analyze operations and process for development and improvisation.
  • Establish strong relationships with suppliers, negotiate price to ensure procurement of raw material in the required quality and quantity, at the most competitive terms. Maintain working relationship with suppliers and ensure timely payment
  • Ensure smooth order management function by implementing a time & action plan for all related activities and share information with all relevant stakeholders. Address all production related issues, by coordinating with the right technical personnel in a timely manner to minimize the loss

1. Key Account Responsible (Customer): ETAM.
2. Gain insight into the overall company and its subsidiaries.
3. Develop Processes, Reporting & Documentation.
4. Perform additional duties commensurate with the current role,
as and when requested by the management

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