Express Machinery Inc

Express Machinery Inc

The challenge

Mr. Jashim of Express Machinery Inc approached me about a new business of Heavy Machinery like bulldozer's, earth-mover etc.. Given nature of their industry and willingness to target international market he called upon to acquire business consultancy and an online store where he can sell the products . He also wanted to integrate documents and every bits and bites of the business to the site so that business could be handled with the least number of people.

The Solution

To position this client as the expert in relationships for clients, media and big brands, I wanted the website to truly reflect that. I designed the website clear and bright with hints of color and a nice, clean layout to help the user view information and enable images stand out.

As people nowadays love to use their smartphones and tablets the most focus was put on mobile. So the website was made fluid responsive.

I also designed the logo and branding which again utilizes multiple colors to reflect the many different sides of the business and its goal.

Color Scheme

  • #003171

  • #0d9fdd

  • #ff5700

  • #ffa400

  • #303030

  • #ecf0f1

Layout Illustrations

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